Not a single day goes by without ArteBianca testing new recipes, efficient solutions, and original, cutting-edge production methods focusing on the changing needs of the market. We steadfastly stay true to our values and repay the trust of those who choose us.

Soft bread
with no crust

At ArteBianca, we have always strived to make our bread “delicious, healthy and not just soft, but incredibly soft”. That is why our products are completely crustless and they contain just a few carefully selected ingredients. There is absolutely nothing in our bread that could adversely affect its healthy goodness.

Lovingly made
with expert know-how

We produce industrially made bread on a daily basis. After years of in-house work and research, we stay true to tradition while aiming to satisfy the latest needs of our customers and families everywhere. We take select flour, water, yeast and a pinch of salt, then add a little love and expert know-how.

Every day, we are inspired by people’s needs and wishes to make our unique bread, which is always exceedingly soft.

What’s inside?
Natural goodness!

Every slice of bread made by ArteBianca is packed with a host of ingredients that go above and beyond a simple recipe. In addition to containing select raw materials, including organic ingredients, our bread also respects traditions and the world around us. Our products are ethically sound, which allows us to certify their quality and natural properties.


ArteBianca carefully selects and traces all of its ingredients, thus ensuring that its customers can count on superior products that are made consciously, respecting the world around us.


ArteBianca favours locally sourced materials that come from select suppliers and go through environmentally friendly production processes.


ArteBianca’s consumers can count on products whose quality is guaranteed by internationally renowned certification bodies.


In addition to conventional products, ArteBianca provides organic products that are certified in accordance with the relevant European regulations.


ArteBianca endeavours to limit its environmental impact by making specific business and planning decisions with a focus on transparency, care and sustainability.

The production process:
tradition and technology

Progress is the watchword at ArteBianca. Along with experience in its field, technology is the “secret ingredient” used by the company to make superior, innovative products. Numerous tests and checks are carried out on the ingredients, the production criteria and all of the manufacturing procedures in general. Consequently, ArteBianca can certify its production processes and ensure that its products are safe and capable of meeting market expectations.

Quality and value:
the production chain

Every ingredient used in our products is carefully selected and monitored, everywhere from the field to the table. The checks conducted by ArteBianca and the relevant certification bodies ensure that customers can count on quality, safety and value in every stage of the production chain. Thanks to these constant, tireless efforts, ArteBianca products have always been nutritionally balanced and environmentally friendly.

“We’ve improved our products by seeking out new flours and ingredients so that we can offer fresh solutions to customers, especially on the health front. This has enabled us to expand our range and target those in search of superior foods”.

At ArteBianca, innovating means also sharing with future generations our devotion to work and our love for delicious, wholesome and environmentally friendly bread.