From the Classic ArteBianca range to the iconic PanPiuma selection and Private Labels: we develop products to cater to the needs of large retailers, while keeping end consumers in mind at all times.

For every occasion

This iconic, delicious and extremely soft crustless bread comes in numerous forms and features a variety of simple, wholesome recipes. It is perfect for all occasions and times of day.

Simple recipe
Olive oil
Value for money

The foundations of flavour

This extremely soft crustless bread comes in numerous forms. It is made exclusively with certified organic ingredients following simple, wholesome recipes. It is perfect for catering to the needs of the most exacting consumers.

Simple recipe
Extra virgin olive oil

Softness and Tradition

The New Forno Line was born from the need to find the balance between softness and traditional flavours. Only olive oil and a few carefully selected ingredients. Two recipes designed to meet the changing needs of an ever-evolving market.

Simple recipe
Traditional flavor and taste
Only Olive Oil

Low Carb

ArteBianca has always been attentive to market needs and has developed a new specific recipe that guarantees 20% Vegetable Proteins, respecting the taste and softness of PanPiuma.

Vegetable Proteins 20%
Without Milk
2 Slices contain 10g of Protein


Kids’ bread

PanPiumino is the first soft bread designed for children, for any time of day, from breakfast to lunch, from snack to dinner or whenever you want. Good and super tasty, it is produced respecting some simple rules appreciated by mum and dad.

Approved by nutritionist
Sugar free
Natural leavening
Only 6 Ingredients
No additives or preservatives
Thicker and smaller slice … just for children

A tasty new product

ArteBianca’s large Crunchy Breadcrumb Flakes are ideal for making crispy fried dishes, substantial fillings and crunchy salads, as well as conjuring up all sorts of other culinary creations.

Endless recipes
Made exclusively with olive oil

The Italian Sandwich

Tradition and Quality. The original “Tramezzino Venezia” is the ambassador of Italian good taste with an innovative product and made especially to foreign markets – export – but respectful of tradition with a special recipe that guarantees super soft and tasty slices of bread without crust.

Italian tradition and quality
Super soft and tasty

Quality and service

Our conventional crustless bread comes in a range of forms. Whether you are looking for good value for money or superior products and specially tailored service, we have the ideal solution for you.

Simple recipe
Olive oil
Value for money

Made for you

ArteBianca has always placed its production capabilities and sales expertise at the disposal of partners that require specially tailored products to be made for them under their own brands.

It is always a pleasure to break bread with other people. Eating together is an experience to be savoured and it adds a lighter touch to life. We are proud to say that ArteBianca products and brands are at the heart of this everyday ritual.