Bread is a simple food and as such it needs to be wholesome. That applies not only to the ingredients, but also to the intentions behind it. At ArteBianca, we consider it absolutely essential to show respect for others and take an environmentally friendly approach.

and philosophy

There are unwritten rules. Both people and companies are defined by their actions. ArteBianca painstakingly follows a few simple guidelines that revolve around transparency and care for people and the environment.


Our innovation processes are based on our capacity to pick up on the needs of a constantly evolving world, listening and carefully looking into every signal that arrives from the market so that we can offer our customers innovative products and services.


Bread is a living product and bakers put their heart and soul into it. Everyone at ArteBianca appreciates just how much work it takes to make good bread: our products are in good hands and so are you.


The secret to growth in both business and society lies in shared ideals and goals. Everyone at ArteBianca plays an integral, indispensable role in the production process.


Bread is a healthy, wholesome product that stems from the expertise and devotion of generations of bakers. ArteBianca helps to protect future generations by showing respect for others and for the environment.


ArteBianca always sees challenges and difficulties of all kinds as invaluable opportunities to experiment, evolve and grow.


Every pack and every slice of bread is designed, produced and distributed by ArteBianca to cater to the everyday needs of consumers and make every culinary experience pleasant, healthy and sustainable.

ArteBianca sees simplicity as an invaluable virtue. Our bread combines artisan traditions with industrial innovation. We endeavour to make it delicious, wholesome, sublimely soft and suitable for every occasion.